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Why Fluid Plumb?

Fluid Plumb are here to support not only plumbing companies and corporates but individuals as well.

WIAPS Membership

Find out if you are eligible to join the water industry approved plumbers scheme.

WaterMark Membership

Severn Trent approved plumbers membership scheme.

Getting it right first time

Have confidence in Fluid Plumb products

Reg 4 compliant

All Tools &

OUR GUARANTEE is that ALL plumbing fittings and materials purchased through us are compliant with regulations and provide easy access to approval certifications.

We go that step further

Education discounts and deals

Contact us for information on how Fluid Plumb can help students and educational facilities.

Do you have a product that can make a difference?

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Keep up to date with Fluid Plumb special promotions and access to FREE E-learning classes and educational videos.

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